With the recent reports about NSA surveillance, most people have been wondering how they can increase their privacy and that of their business. Every time such an issue comes into question, TOR is the word that keeps on coming into the circles. TOR is a relatively secure network of servers that you can use to protect yourself on the dark web. In this article, you will learn more about the safety that TOR can guarantee compared with Google.

Safety Issues Related to TOR

When you are using the TOR Browser, the internet traffic gets routed through its network and goes through random relays before exiting the network. In this case, it is theoretically impossible to determine which computer requested traffic. The computer used in asking the traffic work as a relay that relays the encrypted traffic to a different TOR node.

Even so, most TOR traffic emerges from the TOR network, especially when you are connecting to Google via the Onion browser. When your traffic leaves the TOR network and enters the open internet, it is easy to monitor it. The node in which traffic exits your TOR network is referred to as the exit relay or node.

Also, you can put your sensitive data at risk if you access a website that is not encrypted. Accessing an unencrypted site allows the exit nodes to monitor your internet activities, which keeps track of all the web pages that you visit, messages that you send, and the searches that you make. Such situations can put your private data into risks when malicious people are monitoring it.

How to Safely Use TOR Browser

Generally, it is safe to use TOR Browser unless you use a public network (such as in an airport) or access an unencrypted website. TOR, by itself, has set up various safety measures that will protect you from possible risks. Here are a few considerations that you need to explore.

  • Once you install the TOR, use the control button that appears to connect to the Onion browser. If you are using a proxy network, you should click the configure button and enter your setting
  • As soon as you start using the browser, you should balance between the privacy levels that the browser has to offer. The security level is usually standard on default, but you can switch to a safer or safest mode, although there are some website you cannot visit as you toggle with the options
  • Rethink your browsing habits and avoid options such as Bing and Google Chrome, which can track you online. Instead, consider sites such as Disconnect. Me, along with Bing, DuckDUckGO, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Access .onion sites. This is the most secure way that you can safely use the TOR browser. Such sites are inaccessible to search engines, meaning that you have to visit them directly. To access such websites, you need to use .onion directories
  • Finally, connecting to a VPN will keep you out of access by the exit nodes. This means that the TOR nodes cannot access your IP address keeping you completely anonymous and inaccessible.

Comparison between TOR Browser and Google

Everyone is familiar with Google and feels pretty safe using it. However, there has been cases where Google has risked hacking in an instance where David Tomaschik, a google employee, tried and opened secure doors at Google office. Also, a young Mining engineer going by the name Monendra Sahu hacked one of the most secure networks on the World Wide Web, which led to his listing in the Security Hall of Fame.

These might be some of the risks of using Google Chrome, but there is quite a lot of effort to ensure that it is safe for its users. All the same, there is no complete anonymity while using Google, which, as a result, can put you at risk if you get involved in risky activities since you can be easily monitored.

Final Verdict

As indicated earlier, it is quite safe to use the TOR browser to exploit the potential of the internet to the fullest. Even so, there are risks that come along, but if you consider the required safety measures, there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, Google Chrome is quite safe since there are efforts to maintain its safety, but there is a limitation to the internet potential that you can access. Therefore, if you feel obliged to use TOR, you can go ahead to using it without any worries as long as you maintain the required safety measures.