In the fast-developing technology world, you expect to find a lot of exciting innovation unveiled day by day. Among the most significant developments in the world of hard disks is the development of the SSD hard disks. In this article, let’s have a look at the Best Samsung SSD Migration Software for Windows.

Being the most renowned brands of SSDs in the market, Samsung has been one of the outstanding of all. Samsung SSDs use unique data migration software when a user wants to upgrade to another disk or transfer vast amounts of data.

Besides, they are faster, durable, lighter, and use less energy compared with the HDDs. Read on to understand the various migration software.

Best Samsung SSD Migration Software

Samsung Data Migration

This software is popularly known as SDM. The most popular SDMs in the market is the PRO and EVO series. It offers a wide range of services, although it limits its services to Samsung SSD. Besides its popularity, a lot of users have been complaining of getting stack when cloning their data. A quick fix to such an error includes:

Performing an HDD defragment
Disable all page files
Disable the hibernation mode
Disable the system restore files
Extend or shrink the local disk C

If you are lucky enough not to experience this problem, you would not mind risking the above quick fix while cloning your HDD to an SDD.

AOMEI Backupper Professional

data migration

The software is a reliable migrating tool that can help a user transfer content from different brands to your new Samsung SSD. It uses a sector-by-sector cloning, which allows uninterrupted data transfer from one drive to the other.

Its cloning comes with two options– the Disc and System cloning clones. The system clones allow the user to move the system drives or any other boot related drives to the SSD. If you are not using the sector-to-sector transfer mode, the AOMEI Backupper professional allows you to partition your Samsung SSD along the transfer process.

Besides that, it allows options to clone using the command prompt, assisting you in creating unattended tasks, and creating bootable media. It also allows the user to migrate data without using a data cable.

Mini Tool Partition Wizard

protect your data

It is another SSD migration software that offers the best cloning experience to its users. It has an easy-to-use interface and other powerful features make it easier to use and perform much better. The software provides two features, i.e. the Copy Disk and Migrate OS TO HDD/SSD, meaning that you can transfer data among different brands.

The Migrate to HDD/SSD works well when you want to move your entire system data to your Samsung SSD. It is also ideal when transferring system partitions from the HDD to SSD. Besides, Copy Disk is ideal when you desire to clone the data disk or system disk to a different hard disk.

Mini Tool ShadowMaker

data migration

The Mini Tool Shadow Maker represents one of the best quality free backup software that one can use in Windows 10. Interesting enough, it can be an ideal option to clone your disk without the risk of losing any data using its Clone Disk feature.

Its disk cloning feature allows the user to boot the PC without necessarily needing an operating system and re-install applications, unlike a typical copy and paste option. Its usability is quite easy due to its simple interface. All you need to do is access the clone disk click option on the tools section, click both your source and target disks and begin the cloning process.

EaseUs Samsung Cloning Software

samsung migrate to SSD

The EaseUs software is another free alternative program that a user can consider. It provides a powerful wizard-like interface and disk cloning features that make it easier to navigate through your intended process. It helps you clone various brands besides Samsung SSD. This program does not experience boot issues as experienced with other programs.

Precautions for Migrating Data

precaution for data migration

After you have completed the cloning process, you should reset your computer to avoid booting problems. You should follow the procedure as follows:

• Insert the new Samsung SSD to the PC and reboot it
• Press F2 to enter the BIOS mode to change the boot order from the previous disk to the new Samsung SSD
• Save all changes or click OK and restart your computer using the new SSD.

This procedure ensures that no problem will occur.


Migrating data from HDD to SSD is not a complicated procedure. All you need to do is use the right procedure and complete your transfer process. However, you should use the required precaution process whenever you encounter an error.