Free Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

If you are making content for your Youtube channel or if you are a vlogger who wants to get his message across, you need a good video editing tool. If you dive into the vast ocean of digital marketing and you are obligated to produce high-quality content every single day, guess what you need or who doesn’t want best free video editing software?

“A good video editing tool.”

If making videos is your thing then you are lucky because there are plenty of amazing editing programs that come for free. Not only that they are available in free version, but they also provide incredible features that will help you produce professional high-quality videos.

Best Free Video Editing Software

1. Lightworks

Lightworks pro version costs $25 a month. Fortunately, the free version includes almost every feature that you will ever need. Unless you are Martin Scorsese. It provides features like professional color correction, high precision video trimming and it allows the import of most video file formats.

Unfortunately, the free edition export format is limited to MP4 with 720p resolution. Lightworks is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and as you might expect, it has a steep learning curve with lots of online tutorials to help you start and conquer the basics.

Tip: Check your computer if it is virus free before you edit your video. Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Software

2. Shotcut

Shotcut is a completely one of the best free video editing software and open-source program which means that after downloading, you have access to all available features. And features are numerous and include color correction, transitions, and various video filters.

Shotcut supports most video file formats and exports resolution up to 4K. The user interface seems outdated compared to other editing software but after a while, it feels natural and gives you that old school pre-digital era feeling.

Also with Shotcut, you do not have to import your videos into the editor which will save you a lot of time if you are dealing with large format videos. Just like Lightshot, it is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. Openshot

The award-winning open-source video editor captures your attention with an easy to use interface which makes it great for beginners and easier to master than most of the other editing software.

Available features include video and audio effects, keyframe animations as well as transitions with real-time previews. This software is extremely easy to use and like Shotcut, it supports the most popular video formats and exports resolution up to 4k.

Although a great editing tool for beginners, it did receive some criticism for having some bugs and experiencing occasional crashes but it is continuously updated and it evolves into a more stable and reliable editing tool.

Openshot is available for all major operating systems.

4. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is another amazing free video editor. It is a truly professional software that comes with audio and video filers, more than 400 effects and animation presets and advanced cutting tools.

It will cost you $10 to choose from more than 30 add-on packs that you can experiment with and find the signature that defines you as an artist. But even without the add-ons, you will be equipped with more than enough tools to do some amazing video editing. Tons of high-quality tutorial videos are available to help you get started.

An interesting and rather funny setback with Hitfilm is a painfully long process of downloading and installing the software designed for protection purposes, but do not let 15 minutes of extra time stop you from enjoying this advanced video editor.

5. DaVinci Resolve

Probably the most advanced video editing tool among available free software. It has so many professional editing features that it is quite amazing that they are distributed in a free version.

Features like Multicam editing, tons of transitions and effects tools, Multitrack timeline editing and advanced trimming tools will make you feel a little overwhelmed and eager to try out every one of them.

The selection of color correction tools is better than with most paid professional video editors and to top everything, DaVinci has an in-built version of Fusion application for compositing and creating visual effects and motion graphics.

The paid version costs $300 and has some more advanced features but for the majority of mortals, the free version is like a gift from the heavens.