Convert Your Favorite Video Content into mp3 File

We probably enjoy video content probably more than just audio, or maybe it is fair to say that sometimes we appreciate different things, depending on our mood. Occasionally, we are in a feeling for the right audio and nothing else. We need our music for training and jogging, and we need our audiobooks for relaxation. Seldom, we need to pair that audio with the visual experience for enhanced pleasure.

In a perfect world, Youtube would have an option to let us choose between these options, but as a video streaming website, it will probably never do that. Fortunately, we can choose from a variety of quality and reliable mp3 converters that will help you to get your audio instantly.


Very simple and straightforward converter with an easy interface and instructions. With no unnecessary features, it focuses on converting and downloading. To convert a video, paste the URL of that video and choose between mp3 and mp4 option. No abundant features or customization. The only limitation is that you can save videos up to two hours of length.

2. OnlineVideoConverter

This converter gives you a pretty solid option to convert and download multiple tracks or even whole channels at once. As one of the most widespread Youtube converters, and it is available for PC and Mac versions. And while Pro version gets credit for surprisingly fast downloading, the free version does it all.

3. Converto

Similar to YTMP3.CC, is it entirely free and has a minimalistic interface focused on delivering only one thing, and that is converting Youtube video to mp3 or mp4 format. No special advanced features and premium offer to consider. The link for downloading will be available for 24 hours. Converto is another casual video convertor for casual Youtube surfers.

4. 4KVideoDownloader

With 4k Video Downloader, you can download and convert videos and entire channels with subtitles from Youtube, Vimeo, or any quality website. As far as Youtube, you can download and convert 4K videos and playlists up to 24 titles. If you want unlimited and customizable options, you will need to pay around $20 for a premium version. The free version offers quality features and a great selection of formats for conversion, including Mp4, Mp3, Mkv, M4a, Ogg, and others.

5. aTubeCatcher

A handy and free convertor with many extra features as setting the number of active downloads and automatic PC turn off after downloading. A unique screen recorder option for recording the video that you are watching on your desktop is handy if, for some reason downloading the same video is not possible. It has a straightforward interface, and it supports many other websites beside Youtube.

6. y2mate

Another similar free online converter that requires you to enter the web reference of the desired video. It supports all web browsers and gives you a unique option to upload the downloaded video to Dropbox or GoogleDrive, making it accessible to all your devices.

7. Clipgrab

This free software is monitoring your clipboard, so once you copy any URL, it will offer you the option to download it. And with an integrated function for searching videos, you can search them within the software, which will save you a lot of time.

8. AnyVideoConverter

AVC is free software that provides a range of options for video conversion. You can even crop videos before converting them or add watermarks and use several filters, and for even advanced options, there is a premium version available for Mac and PC.

9. YTDVideoDownloader

This software also comes with the free and paid version, and it provides some extra features like giving you the option to pause and continue the downloading. It also has an integrated video player to let you watch the videos that you want to convert.

10. MediaHuman

Free software that supports more than 30 audio file formats, and it has a drag and drop function that allows you to drag your Youtube videos and add them on the list for conversion. It has a tone of other advanced features, and they all come for free. It offers a lot of value compared to some similar paid software out there.